Cooking with the Perogy Boyz

January 17, 2012

If you were to ask me what the best thing about any party would be, I would say the Cake, that was until one of my best friends, Terrence, invited me to his Bar Mitzvah/ Debutante Ball/ Sweet 16/ Coming Out Party.

For such a special occasion he wasn’t just doing hotdogs and cake, he’s a big deal, so he called in one of Calgary’s hottest Food Trucks to feed his guests.

At 7:00pm horns blaring Calgary’s Perogy Boyz arrived out front.

Like a crazed shopper on Black Friday, I stormed the truck to get a closer look at the Boyz and their sausages.

I was impressed with what the Boyz were packing, not just a standard store bought perogy, but a variety of hand pinched gourmet perogies.

Knowing a good thing when I see it, I begged the boyz to let me play Chef for a while. When I promised to wash my hands and not burn down the truck, they let me stay!

First up, the Traditional . Filled with potato, cottage cheese and stacked high with carmalized onion & bacon.

Then came the classy perogy for the fancy people!

Shredded Duck, Saskatoon Berries, Green Onion, Shredded Carrots and a side of Chive Ponzu Sauce

These were some of the most delicious little dough packets I had ever eaten.

When I asked the Boyz if these little angels fell from heaven, they replied;

“We have a sweat shop full of Baba’s sitting around on milk crates pinching 12,000 perogies a week.”

Knowing that these lil’ guys were the real deal made the $8 per dish price tag worth every penny that the host had paid for us to feast!

Then my first ‘Dessert’ order came.

Could it be… A dessert Perogy?

Before I could even gather my thoughts the order was up and I too was swallowing the Carrot Cake Perogy quicker than a seagull on Fishermans Warf.

Sadly after a few hours it was time for the truck to leave. As we sat surrounded by empty food containers we toasted the host for turning a regular Birthday Party into one NOBODY would forget!

Thanks Terrence for the great night and of course to Ryan and Pascal, the fabulous Perogy Boyz!

Mr. Fab ogy Boy


  1. “I too was swallowing the Carrot Cake Perogy quicker than a seagull on Fishermans Warf.”….GOD, you are too funny! I LOVE your choice of words when you write.

  2. I just saw these awesome Saskatchewan boyz on Food Network’s ‘Eat St.’ My first thought was Hey these are the guys I read about on Mr. Fab a long time ago!!! After reading this & now seeing them on Eat St., I can’t wait to go to Calgary and fill my belly with Mexicali & Carrot Cake perogies! Mmmm

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