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Mr.Fab goes POP for pay!!

January 12, 2012

Of course my life wouldn’t be as fabulous as it is without the occasional ‘odd job’ offer.

Now first off I should mention that I am a huge fan of POP art, Warhol and Lichtenstien being my favorite. So when I was approached to be painted as a famous work of art, I couldn’t resist!

What I wasn’t prepared for was the 3 hours of make up that were to follow.

This was a major corporate holiday party being produced by one of the biggest and best party planners in the city.

I had worked for them before and was happy to have been called back, for working with them meant you were in for a real surprise!

I arrived with my skin prepped and ready to go:

The idea was to be modeled me after a famous piece that Lichtenstein had done;

And after a few hours from a talented make-up artist named Renee, I looked into the mirror and screamed with shock and delight!!

The detailing was amazing, but the hair wasn’t quite right.

Now a wig may have been a good option but when you’re working with the best, a wig is just a cop-out. So they painted my hair too!

Coat after coat of black lacquer was applied to my hair, and just when it started to look like plastic, it was highlighted with some yellow.

However, had I known then that I would be spending 2 hours in the shower after the event, I would have insisted on a wig. Thank goodness I remembered the commercial where they use Dawn Dishwashing Soap to remove grease from baby ducks after oil spills… because without it, I would have had to permently change the color of my hair on my driver’s licence!

With a few more details added I thought I was complete.

That was my mistake! Because anything that wasn’t going to be covered up by clothing had to be painted.

Afterall these were pros I was dealing with and they weren’t going to miss a single inch!

3+ hours later I was dried and ready to party… but what was I actually there to do? Was going to be walking around, mingling with the guest? Surely there had to be more to it…

And there was!

Suddenly a team swirled around me and within minutes I was encased in a table and covered with hundreds of mini desserts

I had become a human rolling dessert table!

Yes this monstrosity was on casters and as a side-show ‘pop art’ freak I rolled my way through thousands of hungry party goers.

What I won’t do to keep my ‘fabulous’ edge!

Mr. Fab tenstien


  1. very cool make-up artist!!That would be cool to do for halloween!Ryan look at my artwork I have done on myself for halloween!Go into my facebook profile for albums!See what you think!!Sherona loves some of them!!

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