Tasty Tuesday; Poor Jelly!

January 10, 2012

Growing up I lived off of PB & J and now the smell, taste or mear though transports me back to my childhood. However with nuts being given such a bad wrap the memories of my youth dwindle. But am I the only one who is sadend by this change?

Here is the story of poor poor Jelly.

One day Jelly awoke to find Peanut Butter missing… She cried out for him but there was no response. She packed up her belongings and headed over to the school… That’s where their dates would normally take place (over the lunch hour) maybe he was already there waiting for her. To her dismay, he never showed…

What had happened? They were so happy together; They’d wake up early, head over to the oven and watch the morning bread rise. Now, like a bad dream, he had faded away in the night…

Poor poor Jelly, forced to spend her days and nights alone. No longer would she have company on shopping cart rides, attend picnics with or even share another lazy Sunday morning breakfast.

Peanut Butter had been banished to the land of no return and Jelly was left to live a life of solitude!

I urge you to help reunite these two and stand strong…

Get out your Epi Pen…

I WILL eat Peanut Butter, and Jelly will live happily ever after!

Mr. Fab


 PB & J artist image by

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