Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (Gordie Howe & Mark Napier)

January 6, 2012

I’m sure this will come as a total shock to all my readers, but I have to share a secret…

I am not a huge hockey fan!

I know, a born and raised Canadian who doesn’t go ‘buck wild’ for hockey? Please don’t kick me out of the country!

Now of course growing up I was tricked into thinking I loved the sport, given a Wayne Gretzky lunch box; I had some pride toting the shiny ‘Oilers’ tin to school. But the truth is, beyond Wayne’s flowing 80’s mane, I really never had interest in the rest of it.

But like any good Canadian I can still name more famed hockey players than I can Canadian Cities and Provinces. So it was to my delight when I decided to hold the door open for a group people following me out of a restaurant and one of them turned out to be Mr. Hockey himself…

Gordie Howe (left)

This guy is full of spunk and was quite funny! For our photo he insisted that I stand on the street with him on the curb as he didn’t want to look short! At first I thought he was joking but when he jabbed me off the sidewalk with his pointed elbow, I knew he was messing around!

If it wasn’t for 2 time Stanley Cup winner, Mark Napier (right) I would have bitten the dust when I was shoved on to the road.

These two guys were completely cordial and didn’t mind taking the time for a photo.

As a Canadian I am happy to say I have now met Hockey Legends!

Mr Fab


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