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Time to iSing?

January 5, 2012

I’m certain that we have all danced around in the privacy of our own homes while singing into a hairbrush… But what would it look like if we took it one step farther?

Bring on iTre3or, a YouTube sensation who has created a ‘Apple Dance’ craze! Trevor has filmed himself lip syncing and dancing at various Apple stores in malls accross the USA.

Watching this I am partially horrified and partially jealous…

Would I have the guts to take my own private performance out into a public place?

I have decided that my 2012 resolution is to take my show on the road and created an iFab video of my own in a local Apple store…

But what shall I perform? I’m looking for ideas, so if you have a favorite current hit or a notable oldie post it below and you may just see your song come to life!

Now I just have to figure out how to use a Mac and hope they don’t call security!

Mr. iFab


Looking forward to reading your comments!