January 3, 2012

Now that Santa’s birthday has ended, the question of when to take down the party decorations begins.

Now if you were my mother, you wouldn’t have to worry about taking down the tree, she ‘bah humbugged’ that many years ago, but for the rest of us a suitable time frame must be set.

For some people it will be easy. Take my brothers neighbours, thier idea of ‘removing’ Christmas is to tuck the garland into thier evestrough until the following year.

For the rest of us who were properly raised I think taking it down before Valentines Day should be suitable.

However for one community in Prince George BC, taking down the decorations requires a whole team of people. That’s because each year an entire neighbourhood, self named ‘Candy Cane Lane’, ban together to dazzle up all the houses and even stretch lights accross the streets.

A few years ago, some family members had moved to the small Canadian city and while house shopping looked at a home on the street. It turns out, if you’re not going to go ‘hog wild’ they wouldn’t sell to you.

As a lover of the holidays, I loved taking a tour down Candy Cane lane when I visited this year!

So to all the residents  who make this happen and light up the life of Christmas goers like me, Thank You!

Your efforts did not go un noticed…How could they!

Mr. Fab

  1. Hey Mr. Fab, thanks for recognizing Prince George and Candy Cane Lane in your blog 🙂 We’re glad you enjoyed it. If you’re ever back in town and looking for things to do, come see us at the Visitor Centre and we’ll set you up with some great ideas! Or visit our website!

    Best wishes for the New Year,

    Marketing Coordinator
    Tourism Prince George

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