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Underneath Fab’s tree; Perfect holiday gifts

December 26, 2011

As I awake today from a sugar and turkey induced food coma for the second time (the first time it was to scream puke at 330am), I sit here trying to recall what gifts my sleepy eyes opened yesterday during the 5 hour opening bonanza.

More important than the good ones are the ones I will actually remember, the bad ones!

When pressured to produce a list for my mother, I gave her two items. A magazine subscription, who could mess that up, and ol’ fashion apothecary jar. I thought I could fill it with jelly belly’s and call it a day. What I thought would be a fairly easy gift find somehow turned sour along the way.

Here is what I had in mind.

My mother, as sweet as she is, researched the them the internet and scoured the stores high and low.

Here is what I ended up with…

Not quite what I was looking for, bless her heart!

So what other items hit a ‘home run’ this Christmas?

First up we needed something to open all the gifts, luckily in my stocking Santa had packed me a Safe Cut package opener, unfortunately it was packaged so well I couldn’t even get it out to use it.

Moving on, we opened a great gift my 1-year-old nephew was given, A remote control truck.

I love the long cord that can also be functioned into a permanent sleeping aid.

Up next one of the loudest toys in the house, given to my niece, who is also considerably louder than the toy itself, the CD PAYER (not a typo).

By 745am I had an irreversible headache.

As things calmed down I had time to collect a few of the Barbie‘s and spend some downtime brushing out their waxy hair, I was quite shocked to find heavy makeup and lip liner where back in vogue.

Of course when my nausea settles today I will be trying this look on my niece.

Many more gifts poured in, none of which I can remeber, but what I most importantly will not forget is the time I got to spend with my family.

But I still want to know what was your worst and best gift this Christmas! I need to know I wasn’t the only one!

Mr. Fab

  1. LOL@ Barbie!! OMG! That is scaaaary!!!
    My homerun gift was a Tambourine. Yup. You heard me….been wanting one for ages. Now the Smashing Pumpkins are SURE to ask me to be part of the band…..and the Muppets themed mini OPI nail polish was awesome too!

  2. My wife thought I absolutely needed a magnifying glass in the shape of a fish called “Gilly”.
    I’m sooooooooo going to use it to read the fine print of the divorce papers!

  3. Barbie’s lips are a flashback to the 90s lip defined lined look but updated to this century with a lovely pink shimmer instead of frosted brown toast of the 1990s.

Looking forward to reading your comments!