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Famous Fridays (Sarah Jessica Parker)

December 16, 2011

Not all my stories of celebrity encounters can be good ones and although for the most part they have been pretty good, this one is so horrifying I can’t believe I am about to share it…

First I’d like to start with telling you my good friend lives across the street from the home of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick in NYC. This is where I stay when I visit.

I have seen Sarah from a distance coming and going before but I have never seen Matthew. On this particular day I was out shopping and when I got back to the apartment my friend let me know he had seen Matthew out and about. I was a wee jealous, after all I am a huge fan of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and I would have loved to have seen him.

A few hours later we were heading out for dinner, and as we pass right in front of their house, I decided I would get my camera phone ready, who knows; maybe I’d get lucky, he’d be passing by and things would just happen.

As we approached their stoop I saw someone coming up the steps, it wasn’t Matthew or anyone I recognized but like a tsunami of stupid-ness I got all twitchy and snapped an iPhone photo.

All of a sudden I hear someone yell at me “Hey, Hey, I saw that, I just saw you take a picture!” but it wasn’t coming from the person coming up the stairs…

I quickly turned around to see who was scolding me and standing right there, 2 feet away was Sarah Jessica Parker.

My jaw dropped to the sidewalk.

She said “I saw you take a picture of my children.”

Speechless I took a look around me… And sure enough her children were right there.

Words eluded me, I tried to explain that wasn’t my intention and I would never even approach a celebrity with their children.  I was sorry and I had no idea what came over me.

Quickly she realized I was not a pap trying to get a shot of her children and she lightened up on me. She explained that she doesn’t like her children being photographed; after all it’s not them that made the choice of fame or notoriety. I reassured her that this was not the case and that I had no idea she or her children where even there.

After a few more words, I apologized once more, and slinked away with my tail between my legs.

I have to say this is one time my bad memory will work in my favor because I can’t wait to forget this very ugly situation.

I will forever take the long way around the block when I visit… out of shame!

Mr.(not) Fab

  1. Sounds like you were a little humbled Mr.fab. My wise grandfather used to tell me “Being humbled is good for ya! It’ll put hair on your chest”, I was young and because of him and his wise words, I desired a hairy chest. I often sought out humbling experiences to work on my home grown sweater….

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