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Lashing out with Noir Lash Lounge

December 15, 2011

There are certain times in my life when I think it would be really great to be a girl: My wedding day, ladies nights, the strippers, and now I have one more reason to wish I was born a daughter….

Noir Lash Lounge

Now I do have to thank my mom for one thing and that’s my nice set of lashes! I may be balding up top but one thing that has not abandoned me is my thick and plentiful lashes.

Calgary Owner & Founder

Earlier this week I was invited to the opening of the Noir Lash Lounge in Calgary which has added yet another way for our city’s people to pamper themselves! As my peepers are already as dramatic as I would like them I called my side kick Jasmine in to amp up her current set and the results were pow pow pow!


This place is set up like a relaxing spa with comfortable chaise loungers, cozy throws and calming music. As you curl up a lash tech will apply between 30 to 100 individual lashes per eye. These bad boys are attached to the existing lash and will stick for anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.


A full set like the ‘Fabulicious‘ will cost $75, and after seeing the final product I’d say it’s worth ever penny!

Here is what  Jasmine had to say about the service and the end product:

“My experience at Noir Lash Lounge was quite unexpected. At first sight the lounge is elegant with chandeliers, rich fabric and unique wall design, with the addition of chaise loungers that perfectly fit the decor. I was still totally convinced that it would be like some surgical procedure with bright lights and eyeball clamps, but it wasn’t.  Instead, my consultant, the lovely Chasmine, created a spa-like environment with her gentle application. Lash by lash, I nearly fell asleep. Then she followed it up with a relaxing brow massage. The end result is the most glamorous, comfortable and just plain pretty set of lashes I’ve ever worn. I’m hooked and you will be too, just wait till you see how great you’ll look first thing in the morning!

Well Noir, welcome to Calgary, I’m so glad you’re here to perk everyone’s peeps!

Mr. Fab ulash

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