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Fluevog ‘Flueseum’ opens in Calgary

December 13, 2011

Recently and with major disappointment I  had to miss an invite to the opening of the Fluevog ‘Flueseum’ here in Calgary. But luckily enough I had the perfect person in mind to cover it. Janice, a loyalist of the brand has been a friend and reader of Mr.Fab for a long time; She was the first person in line when the store opened several months ago and just may be the #1 Fluevog fan. She was the perfect person to take my place. Thank you Janice! Here is what she had to say about the event:

“It was 1989 when I first fell in love with all things Fluevog. Twenty two years later, I have the pleasure of meeting the man responsible for my shoe fetish and parting me and my hard-earned dollars…..

John Fluevog, in Calgary for the official Grand Opening of the ‘Flueseum and ‘Peanut Gallery’; the DJ was spinning, the wine was flowing and the heels were a struttin’! Over 200 people made their way up the stairs as the space opened just above their retail space for Calgarians to enjoy.

I was fortunate to have great conversation with the shoe genius; John gave me the scoop on next year’s inspirations. He said “New designs will be based on all of the colourful characters that make up a small western town” Hmmm…I was very intrigued! I spoke with one of the team from the Calgary store, Shea, as she had a chance to see next season’s samples. She said to watch for lovely pastels and gorgeously coloured men’s shoes in addition to a canvas/burlap type desert boot!

Trina Vanaalst, Calgarian and winner of one of the design brief’s in The Peanut Gallery was in attendance; it just so happened that I had my Munster’s in tow, beautiful design thanks to her creative skills.

The Flueseum showcase incredible shoes from the past 40+ years and what incredible works of art they are! It is a great public space with comfy seating and tables to sit while you lunch or coffee, taking  in the gorgeous surroundings, it’s a  definite place of inspiration!

Thanks Fluevog for a truly fabulous night!

My wallet and I will indeed return!!

Miss Fab Janice ”

Photo Credit Henna Pickering

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