Search Me Saturdays

Search Me Saturdays #10

December 10, 2011

It seems this week that I have had an influx of search terms bring people to Mr. Fabulous. Maybe all my sweet talking to Google has finally paid off and now they are just shipping the masses my way.

Here is a small lists of searches that I hope I can deliver on!

#1 the help aibileen ironing

So random, did her clothes look so crisp in the movie that you’re looking for tips?

#2 famous film taken by calgary

There are a lot of great things filmed in and around Calgary. Here are a few of my favorites;

Brokeback Mountain, Inception, Passchendaele, The Assassination of Jessie James, Hell on Wheels. This city is the perfect backdrop for film and our actors are great additions!

#3 sexy candy cane lips

Is this what you had in mind?

Hope you find everything you’re looking for here! Keep the searches coming!

Mr. Fab andy cane lips

Looking forward to reading your comments!