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A Very Tiffany Christmas

December 9, 2011

A few weeks ago I received some very exciting mail decked out in a very special blue. Rob Ferguson, the director of Tiffany & Co. was inviting me to a ‘Holiday Cocktail Reception’

Like any recipient who would be elated to recieve the famous blue box, I was over the moon to recieve this blue paper!

The event would take place in a quaint room of a beautiful restaurant. Like Tiffany the brand, this invite and reception were dripping in class, I wondered if I had received the invite by mistake. The location was perfect and the guest list was small. I enjoyed fantastic conversation with the host and hostess as well as the rest of the guests.

The cocktail party was not to sell us their product, but to thank us! The room fell hush as Mr. Furgeson spoke. He apologized for interrupting our evening and let us all know how grateful he was for welcoming the brand to the city. He said I want to thank you for everything you do, I know writing is not always easy, coming up with new ideas keeping your readers engaged. This night is not about Tiffany, it’s about you, letting you know we appreciate you and all your dedication. If there is anything we can ever do to support you, we are here.”

Upon leaving I was personally thanked by the hosts and like a sleepy spouse on Christmas morning, I was handed a blue bag and wished a Happy Holidays.

I am stunned by the thoughtfulness of our gracious hosts and was made to feel very appreciated and special.

You are all just like your brand!

Mr. Fab & Co.

Looking forward to reading your comments!