Christmas in NYC

Christmas in NYC (Gaga’s Workshop)

December 8, 2011

Yesterday I shared the outside of Barneys Gaga’s Workshop windows with you, now its time to take 5 floors of escalators up to see the workshop itself.

Entering the store you just needed to follow the person in front of you, we were all going to the same place. Teaser displays were set up along the way and all the contents of the windows and floor would only be available for this limited 1 month transformation.

Finally at the top you were greeting by a host and ushered down a long hallway covered with colors and designs, you could hear the voice of Gaga playing… You were about to enter the heartbeat of it all.

Entering the workshop you knew this wasn’t only about the shopping, everything was set up for an experience. This place was part retail and part fun house fantasy carnival!

If you wanted a lollypop you just needed to pluck one off the lolly train.

And if you were so inclined to stop by the hair boutique you could fashion your ‘do’ into a Gaga approved look.

The touch of the Lady was everywhere as were the products and there was something in every price range. For those who wanted something a bit more limited, they could hop over to the spider web of jewelry which was closely guarded by the Gaga Spider.

And for those fans with a smaller budget; candy, toys and clothing!

Over to the check-out all the staff in the workshop also embraced the spirit of Gaga. They all wore the same t-shirts but took the time to cut, embellish and style them to fit their own unique personalities.

And with some tissue and a satin ribbon to finish of my package I was being sent back to reality while visions of Gaga plums danced in my head.

What a special NYC moment!

Mr. Fab shop

  1. totally awsome pictures Ryan I bet Sherona would just love looking at them.She dreams of going to NYC she totally loves the carnival theme as we all know!!

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