Christmas in NYC

Christmas in NYC (Lady Gaga’s Windows at Barneys)

December 7, 2011

There’s always something special happening in NYC and no visit could ever be the same. This year alone there were several exhibits, including the Alexander McQueen exhibit at the MET which I had to miss due to timing.

But when Barneys announced they would be teaming up with Lady Gaga and converting a floor into ‘Gaga’s Workshop’ for just over a month; there was no way I was missing that!

Not only was the 5th floor being transformed, so were all the store front windows.

The windows were by far the most creative and most expensive looking windows I have ever seen. This being my favorite; The Hair Boudoir!

This entire window was made out of hair… and why should this have shocked me? After all this was Gaga!

On the cross street corner of the building was a double-sided window, pulsing and glowing as a Mermaid Gaga swam.

To go along with the visuals a haunting sound filled the streets, like a machine being built in a laboratory, I know this was just the beginnings to the ‘workshop

Tomorrow I’ll take you up 5 floors and share what I found up there!

Mr. Fab ga

Looking forward to reading your comments!