Christmas in NYC

Christmas in NYC (Louis Vuitton)

December 5, 2011

This week I took some time to head to NYC. I am a lover of Christmas and every year can’t seem to get enough of the festive season. Walking the streets of 5th Avenue and seeing the holiday displays really puts me in a great mood. So for my readers who can’t get enough like me, but haven’t made it to NYC, I’ve decided to bring it right to you!

I wrote a last week about the amazing store windows at Louis Vuitton and how I thought their ‘Circus‘ theme was to mock Christmas, regardless of whether there is a hidden meaning or not these windows are awesome.

I have been  to several of the stores in Canada and the US but nowhere other than NYC has the grand windows to pull off these huge displays.

I also love that they have small picture windows built into the brick facade where they do something simple and so cute.

Every time I walk by the store all I think about is how bad I want circus treats! A smart vendor would set up a candy apple, carmel corn and cotton candy rolling cart and work the tourists into a frenzy!

Thanks Louis for being so original in your marketing. Although it’s not ‘Christmas’ I am still in love!

Mr. Fab ring circus

Looking forward to reading your comments!