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CORE Holiday Gift Guide #7

November 30, 2011

Tonight CORE shopping will be host to the biggest and best holiday shopping event this city has ever seen, Twas the Night will kick off at 6:30pm.

Hopefully you have started your holiday shopping, but if you haven’t this is the night to get it done. 95% of the retailers in the CORE will have some sort of discount, deal, give away or promotion to help maximize your spending dollars.

Tonight I will be picking up the last of my holiday items for the people I have been finding it the hardest to buy for. So if you’re related to me cover your eyes because I am about to share my last purchases!

If you have someone like my ‘granola’ cousin on your list, you know that she is a tough buy when it comes to pampering products. Luckily for all of us Rocky Mountain Soap sells some amazing 100% all natural products. ($5-$21)

When I think natural I always think it’s going to smell like a ‘dreadlocks hippy’ but this stuff is “Vanilla Candy Cane” and it smells delicious without being sickly sweet. I love this Canmore produced line of product. They believe if you can’t put it in your mouth that you shouldn’t be putting it on your body.

Next I tried to find a pair of slippers for my sister-in-law and it wasn’t going to be Nuknuks. I refuse to shop at a place that sells bulk tuna fish for slippers.

Thank goodness for Roots, they not only sell comfortable slippers, they’re cute too!

I know that moccasins are all the rage for footwear this season so why not have them to wear around with your PJs’ too! And for $40, what a steal!

Last but not least, the perfect gift for almost any girl and probably my favorite holiday gift find this season….

The Bobbi Brown deluxe travel brush set ($135) available at Holt Renfrew

Now I am not a girl, nor do I wear makeup, but I know a good thing when I see it. This kit has several amazing brushes and they are the perfect size for any girl to toss in a bag if she’s got a long day ahead of her.

When you compare these brushes to lesser quality brushes purchased separately, the price is incomparable. And the best part of this set is the clutch they come in! Not only is it good for travelling but it can be used to accessorize the perfect holiday outfit.

There is not one girl I know that wouldn’t LOVE this set. You can not go wrong with this as a gift!

I hope you’ve had fun shopping with me this season and I am so grateful to CORE shopping for letting me run a muck in their beautiful centre.

I hope to see you all in a few hours working the red carpet with Lainey Gossip or singing along with Chantal Kreviazuk. If you’re looking for me, check the food and drink stations, I’ll be there with my Tupperware.

Happy Holidays

Mr. Fab tiddings!

  1. Gorgeous brush set! I was able to scoop up a practially untouched NARS travel set on eBay not too long ago for $40 and change. It retailed at Nordstrom for something like $280 or $260! LOVES IT!
    And you are correct, you can’t go wrong with that Bobbi Brown set : )
    Happy shopping! I still have yet to start. Will probably get the ball rolling after my 2yo triplets and I go see Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE! next Friday! Omgoodness, my kids are going to go NUTS!!! : )
    Btw, you don’t possibly have the Versace for H&M pink studded sheath dress do you? I wants to purchase if you have that for sale.
    And lastly, I’m a newbie to your blog. I’m Heather *wave*. Loves me some Mr. Fabulous ; )

Looking forward to reading your comments!