Search Me Saturdays

Search Me Saturdays #8

November 26, 2011

Unbelievable, it’s time for another ‘Search Me Saturdays’ where I take a look at what people typed into Google to bring them to my site.

As always I’ll try to give you some helpful advice on what you were really looking for.

#1 big yawn

 There it is, but if you want it, you’ll have to pay for it! (Veer)

#2 lemon bent

I can only imagine that’s what happens when you drink too much ‘Lemoncello’. Been there, done that!

#3 Versace H&M 2011 collection SOLD OUT

Stop searching, I bought it all and there is none left for you!

But seriously if any of my readers would like to purchase a piece at cost let me know what you’d like, if you want it, I probably have it. (Dresses are all in size 6) 

Hope you’re having a great National Won Ton soup weekend and keep the searches coming!

Mr. Fab ag lady

  1. Ooo, wanna trade for any Missoni? I too, have TONS that I managed to buy. Really nice HTF pieces too! So who’s the winner of your NARS set?

Looking forward to reading your comments!