Enter NARS ‘Holiday Look’ event Giveaway!

November 23, 2011

Are you still living out of your neon ‘Caboodle‘ you had back in the 80’s? If so, it’s time to toss out the Revlon, Almay, and Maybelline and update your makeup tool kit!

Nars is having their national “Holiday Look” event!  So for all of you ladies who are craving a festive face this season,  Nars is your destination to find wonderful colors and makeup artists who will help create the perfect look for you! Please no more lipstick blush!

Down to the dirty details;

The event will take place Nov 25th and 26th during regular store hours at Holt Renfrew.  Spaces are limited, so make sure to reserve your spot asap, but don’t worry, booking an appointment is easy.  Just call my girl Kearstin at 403-269-7341 or stop by the counter any time before Friday.  Kearstin will be hosting the event along with her fellow Nars makeup artists, Shauna and Asha.

The cost of the event is a minimum 75.00 purchase (about 2-3 products) which also includes your consultation and makeup application from professional, hand selected artists. There will be a gift with a purchase of over $100, but you have to go to the event to find out what it is!

Ok now for more fabulous news…. Nars has been kind enough to give me some goodies for you! I have received a gift package exclusive to my blog jammed packed with product to give to one lucky reader!

Here’s what’s in it;

1.)    Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok…  Thai anyone?

2.)    Lipgloss in Striptease...Who doesn’t like one of those?!

3.)    Potent  EFA cream. (mini) it’s like massaging a raw salmon fillet into your face

4.)    Mini Powder foundation  in Deauville… Great for throwing in the clutch

5.)    Mini Multiple in South Beach. So cute and it can be used on eyes, lips checks & cleavage. You won’t be paying for any drinks!

6.)    Mini Orgasm illuminator. Need I say more?

7.)    Mini Makeup bag … its black, it ties up. It’s sexy. It’s free.

Now to win this prize pack, comment below telling me what is your favorite beauty item is? Ill pick a random comment winner on Sunday! In the meantime book an appointment and pamper yourself this weekend!

As for next week we’ll have to work on getting rid of your Malibu Musk!

Mr. Fab faced

  1. My fave beauty product is kick ass mascara! These NARS products look perfect for a brand new FA trying to pack her crew bag well!!!!

  2. my FAV beauty item is a good nite sleep!
    i age 10 years when i am TIRED.

    thanks for the opportunity

    su 🙂

  3. I have been wearing mascara on my blond lashes since I was 13 and allowed to wear makeup! It’s one of the only things that I will lay down some heavy cash on. Oh, and also some brow powder because my brows are also blond. It does wonders!

  4. My favourite beauty item would be lipstick. A definite must for my pale skin coloured lips and also doubles up as a bit of blusher in a pinch. 🙂

  5. A deep violet cream eye liner – my eyes are small and tend to disappear when I smile! Although, anything with “Orgasm” in the name may be able to take first place 😉 And I’m constantly on the hunt for the right red lipstick, so maybe Kearstin will be able to help me out!

  6. Favorite beauty item?
    First of all, ridiculous amounts of water because hydration is the best thing for the skin! Second, the amazing pairing of my NARS Aqua Gel Hydrator, and NARS Mud Mask! Two of the best products in the world. Starting with amazing skin is the best foundation for any beauty…!

  7. Wow, looks like were getting some great comments!

    Laura, I LOVEEE the mudmask too!!
    “E3 writing” if that is in fact your real name… Please feel free to stop by and say hi! It would be my pleasure to pick out a red lipstick and see if we can blend that mulitple orgasm into your face. 😉

    And ladies ( and/or lads) who want to get purdied up before your next christmas party, I am always open to booking makeup appointments! Stay tuned for more contents and prizes from Nars!



  8. I love my Nars turkish delight lipgloss BUT my other favorite beauty product is sudocrem. It’s diaper rash cream that I use as a face cream haha. AHMAZING.

  9. I love love love to have a great lipgloss that has a pinch of color that will help brighten up my face and I swear by my NARS Hydrating Freshening Lotion which gives my face a boost and refreshes it all in one! A must have =)

  10. My favorite beauty item since having my toddler triplets has been NARS Multiple, in St. Barts. Luxor and Orgasm are my next favorite shades. I found out while carrying a diaper bag, you don’t have much room for many “mommy” supplies. I can put two or three multiples in my cute Kate Spade diapers bag and be on my way! Triplets aren’t keeping this mom from looking fabulous! ; )

  11. @ Heather, OMG the multiples have saved my face so many times! i love st. barts too! Unfortunately it has been discontinued..but FORTUNATELY I radomly recieved 2 of them in with my stock last week! So if you want another st. barts this is a great opportunity as there are none others left in the country. Do you want me to put one aside for you? If not, stop by the counter anyway and we can match you up to another color 🙂

  12. Love LOVE lurve the Orgasm Illuminator. It spices things up and gives you such a great look with foundation. Nothing I love more than looking FAHBULOUSSSSSSS. And this product is one of many NARS goodies that does it for me. Oh and besides the name rox.

  13. @ Kearstin,
    Thank you for the offer. If I lived nearby, I would love to come in and play but unfortch, I live in Florida. Also, they still sell the St. Barts on the US website. It really is a gorgeous taupe! Are the Canadian prices in line w/ the US prices? Do you have any GWP specials going on for the holidays? Thanks in advance : )

Looking forward to reading your comments!