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You VOTE in Blog Awards!

November 22, 2011

One week before my high school graduation, my English teacher, Ms. Lewis, pulled me aside and told me that I had a 48% final grade. She told me that even though I had completed every homework assignment and never missed a day of class, that she had realized I was just un-teachable. She told me she would bump my mark up to a 50% pass grade because she did her very best to help me learn and repeating the 12th grade wouldn’t make a difference.

Who ever thought years later I would start writing because I liked it. And the bigger shock, that people would actually read it.

I am so grateful to all my readers for supporting me and making me a successful blogger! And couldn’t have done it with out the guidance of two great blogger friends Jes and Mike!

10 days ago I received a nomination from the Canadian Blog Awards. I have been nominated in two categories.

Best New Blog in Canada

Best Humor Blog in Canada.

I would love you’re help with votes if you think I deserve them, this voting round selects the top 5 for the category to move on to final voting.

It’s so easy, just click the category above and then click “Mr. Fabulous – www.immrfabulous”

I am honored to even have been nominated!

Hopefully I’ll get a vote from you and maybe even Ms. Lewis!

Mr. Fab in Canada

Looking forward to reading your comments!