Famous Fridays

Famous Friday (Brett Wilson)

November 18, 2011

There have been two occasions where I have met a celebrity where I have been pleasantly surprised by their decorum. The first was Nicole Richie and the second and most recent has been Brett Wilson (who has the coolest website flash page!)

Now I don’t know that Brett really classifies as a celebrity, although he is notable and has been on TV. Most recognizable from the success of the Canadian show, Dragon’s Den.

Brett is a very successful business man who makes some of his wealth from investing in the dreams of others. So it shouldn’t surprise me that for someone who has done so well in life, would also be very friendly, maybe it goes hand in hand.

I had the good fortune of meeting Brett at an opening/charity event for ESPY. Much like Nicole, everybody in attendance knew who he was but that didn’t stop him from offering a polite introduction of himself when I ended up speaking with him. It seems so odd to have someone notable introduce themselves to you. Not being so pompus to have assumed we all should know who you are is a very redeeming quality.

We talked for a few moments about the interior décor of his beautiful office, for which I saw photos. He invited me to drop by whenever to take a look at it in person.

I’d love to take you up on that offer Mr. Wilson but I am worried I’ll try to leave with one of your highback chairs.

Thanks for being such a down to earth guy.

Mr. Fab Den

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