Search Me Saturdays

Search Me Saturdays #6

November 12, 2011

Hello new Fab fans! Welcome to my riveting Saturday write, ‘Search Me Saturdays’. This is the day I take a look at the week’s searches to see what brought you here.

This week I had an over whelming response to the post I wrote about meeting Brandi Glanville, Hundreds of new people from all over the world stopped by to see what I had to say. I want to thank Brandi for recommending my site to others! You are truly FAB!

But what else brought you here? Here are the a few of the things you typed into search engines that re-routed you to me!

#1 nicole richie autograph image

I’m just imagining a drunken, out of sorts drag queen trying to pass as Nicole, attempting to using her stolen credit card at a Popeye’s Chicken. Lucky for you I have her autograph. Don’t forget the biscuits!

#2 Dog Pee 

Why would you even search that!

#3 nicki minaj popsicle

I tried to find you a picture of her but I was unsuccessful. So here is the next best thing!

So whatever brought you here this week, I’m glad you came!

Look forward to seeing you everyday and keep the crazy searches coming Google!

Mr. Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!