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Fashion and Folly ARTwear 2011

November 11, 2011

Tonight I was invited to the 9th annual ARTwear, a charitable event hosted by the delightful team over at the Art Gallery of Calgary.

I was excited for the invite, I usually leave the fashion writes to a few of my fabulous blogger friends, but tonight was my night to shine, I had been waiting to debut my most treasured fashion piece thanks to NRT Fashions last collection.

The pre party was brilliant, students from ACAD filled the floor with creative wearable pieces, this night was delivering exactly what it promised.

I mingled and snacked on the delicious food, then secured my place near the end of the runway with a full view of all the action.

The lights dimmed, music started, the show was about to begin!

The models were top-notch, the hair and make-up were perfection, and I was buying what they were selling! Then around mid show my attention was torn away from the runway when I noticed a shadow of a hand take over the image of the Eiffel Tower projected behind the catwalk. It started wildly flailing around on the screen and all the people around me also started to take notice. What was going on back stage? Who’s hand was this? We all became completely oblivious to what was going on with the models, our attention was now on the shadow.

After a few minutes of the hand furiously pointing, the backstage curtains where whipped open and a blonde haired, red-faced women came storming out. She made her way to her seat and I could tell she was not happy.

Now I would like to add, to my knowledge, there was no fire last night so whatever was happening backstage certainly did not warrant the ‘production’ that we all got to see! I decided I had to find out what had happened, or at very least who this women was.

I believe in telling the story how I saw it and calling out the people involved. I also believing in hearing all sides and I welcome their comments. I later found out that the “finger-pointing curtain whipper” was a contact from Shoe Muse, the store who provided the footwear for the models.

So I’ll ask you Shoe Muse;

Can you please tell me what I missed backstage that caused you to steal attention away from the show with your dramatics? Was there a wild bear attacking the models and you were practicing kung-fu on him to save the models lives? Please fill me in…

I am a big fan of fashion but if this is the way it shakes down at Calgary fashion events, I’d rather just stay at home.

Mr. Fab

  1. Dear Mr Fabulous,after reading your blog,I must come forward and say that there definitely is no great fashion show without the drama! Traveling to all the best shows in europe and New York, this was truly small potatoes compared to our little cow town follies of to what happens behind the scenes . Finger waving and all, I would like to clarify that it was not a one man show back stage and unfortunately not all faces involved were seen.
    Also I would like to take to opportunity to ease your mind about our beautiful models backstage. None were harmed,and the Bear was at the bar getting me a drink!
    Art Wear is what I think by far one of the best fashion events of the season, and with that comes months of planning,organization and partnership.
    Now I never tattle but lets just say one of the things I just listed above had gone awry that evening.
    When I had learned about the shadows taking place on the screen afterwards I had to laugh and say “I wish I could have seen that!” anyone take video of this?
    In conclusion I think it’s safe to say that hair,feathers, turbins and stilettos have all safety settled, and all is calm again in fashion Land.
    At least for now…
    Shoe Muse xxx

  2. Dear Show Muse,
    You should be embarrassed to have your name attached to that one man show, all faces involved WERE seen, flailing finger in the Eiffel Tower!
    May I remind you that ARTwear is a CHARITY event in Calgary, Alberta. This is not New York or Europe and if you choose to treat people the way you demonstrated on Thursday night, there is an army of people behind me saying “stay home”.

Looking forward to reading your comments!