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CORE Holiday Gift Guide #4

November 9, 2011

This week shops all over the world started to get their ‘festive‘ on and lucky me I got to see it all happen as I was out in the CORE searching for this week’s perfect gifts.

As always I have a great give-away this week, one of my favorite gift giving items, so lets dig into the big red sack and see what hot items I came up with this week!

One thing I can not stand are small piles of change lying around the house. I don’t like it scattered in my drawers or lining the bottom of my washing machine like a wishing well, I need one place for it all to end up.

Volia! Over at Land and Sea they have several options on the classic piggy bank all with a cool modern twist ($35-$40)

With 2 large size piggys and some really neat designs, these will make a welcome addition to the top of your dresser or entry console.

Next I dreamt what I would spend all of my pennies on after I filled it up so I decided to head over to Harry Rosen and see what exclusivity they bring to CORE shopping.

Tom Ford

Did you know that there are only 3 Tom Ford stores in Canada? Montreal, Toronto and Calgary. And with that prestige comes a private collection of perfume for the man in your life. ($215)

I was shocked to learn about how difficult it is to produce some of these scents. Some use up to 28,000 flowers just to liquefy 1.7 oz of the fragrance. And the detail doesn’t end there, each glass bottle is also hand blown to perfection!

This is truly a unique gift and worth ever penny of the sticker price. They can’t even get this stuff over in Vancouver!

Lastly, looking for one more item only found in the CORE, I went upstairs to the EvelineCharles Academy.

The only EC Academy in Calgary, which is full of students, will soon be open to the public(November 28th for a partial list of their services) and offers people looking to pamper themselves a more affordable rate.

Why not buy your loved one or BFF a full day at the spa! For $120, you can give them a Haircut/Style, Facial and a Manicure/Pedicure!

Trust me when it comes to quality spa services you’re getting a steal of a deal over at the Academy! Here’s my idea:

Pick up their amazing Litre Bag, 1 liter EC shampoo and 1 litre conditioner all in a fabulous bag, tuck the gift card right inside and before they’re out of suds on January 1st 2012 the EC Academy will be ready to offer a full menu of services!

This is a gift that keeps giving, they’ll have something to use now and later! I think this is such a perfect gift that I have decided to give it away!

This week you can win a Litre Bag of your choice ($68-72 value) and a $25 EC Academy service card. And trust me $25 goes a long way! You can get your man a buzz cut and an eyebrow waxing with it!

To win you have two ways to enter.

#1 Go to this link and make a comment telling me what your favorite spa service is.


#2 Tweet the following;

I would love to pamper myself @ECAcademy @COREshopping I wanna feel like a million bucks @immrfabulous !

It’s so easy to enter!

And don’t forget to get your tickets for ‘Twas the Night’ at CORE shopping on November 30th, this is going to be a holiday party like Calgary has never seen before!

Mr. Fab ta clause

  1. What an awesome giveaway! My favourite spa service is definitely the pedicure… there’s just something so relaxing and luxurious about the foot bath, massage and prettying up that a pedicure entails! No better feeling.

    I hope I win! Thanks for the giveaway, keep up all the great work!

  2. Fave spa service is a great pedicure! Especially in the winter when those toes need a little extra TLC!! Janice

  3. Though I do appreciate a good massage, my favorite spa treatment is without a doubt, a soothing pedicure. And these soles definitely need some healing right noooowww. Beyond bliss.

  4. Yay! What an amazing Litre Bag. My fav spa service is a hot stone massage. And i cannot wait to get my man an eyebrow wax!!

  5. My favourite spa service is a pedicure.
    nothing feels better than having your feet taken care of after a long shift of standing in the CORE!

  6. i absolutely love the hot parafin wax treatment for hands/feet. feels esp great once the weather is cold!

  7. Any type of spa treatment is nice. The ambiance, the sense of being away for a time and being in a peaceful, tranquil place is all that matters to me. I love massages – those hot stone ones in particular. Getting my toes pampered is also a must! Especially when it’s time to wear those strappy sandals with that dashing holiday dress! 🙂

  8. I agree with most of your readers that you can’t beat a pedicure! Feet are so ignored and this just feels so special. AND…just a little time for myself away from the little one is a treat in itself 🙂

Looking forward to reading your comments!