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Furry Movember

November 4, 2011

This month furry faces will be taking over the country as Movember, a charitable prostate cancer movement picks up steam.

Last year I grew the one and resembled Matt Damon in the Informant.

I ended up raising a cool $500 in donations and on December 1st rinsed that fur down the drain.

This year I decided to sponsor and leave the ‘van outside the elementary school’ mustaches for others.

Here are 2 ways I will be giving money!

#1 Naked Espy.

Tomorrow Espy will give the first 100 guys who line up outside their store in underwear FREE clothing! The first 50 ppl will get $500 and the next 50 ppl will get $300. But it doesn’t stop there! Everyone else who shows up in their underwear will get 50%off thier purchases! All they ask is that you donate a minimum $100 towards the charity. So get on your ‘manties’ and I’ll see you there!

#2 Twitter

I have decided that for a limited time every new follower I get and keep  (@immrfabulous) on Twitter, I will donate $1 per follower to a blogger Mike’s Movember campaign. So say I get and keep 160 new follower, I will donate to him $160 on November 30th. This means you can help raise money by doing very little.

No matter how you do it please take the time to do something! Giving a little time or money can be easy and it’s always rewarding!

Mr. Fab ember

Looking forward to reading your comments!