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Run Run Run

November 3, 2011

Today marks the last day of the ‘self challenge’ of getting my weight back in line. 14 pounds in 7 weeks!

Every holiday I seem to have no problem packing it on; I am a huge fan of M&M’s, appetizers, and every year I wish I would have pre prepared… This year I am ready for it!

Thanks to everyone who followed and encouraged me to keep on trucking and especially to those who tied up the running shoes and went for a virtual jog with me. And thanks to Nicki Minaj who inspired me to ‘organize a pep rally, gatorade, wet towel’

I am now able to successfully jog for 5km without stopping, I never thought I would get there. And although each run I waited for it to get easy and fun… It never did!

So for those of you who are doing your fitness thing and hating every moment, I’m with you! But keep on keeping on, you’re healthy and looking good!

Mr. Fab uff and puff

Looking forward to reading your comments!