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CORE Holiday Gift Guide #3

November 2, 2011

With Halloween over store fronts are being flipped, snow covered pine trees and brightly wrapped gift boxes will soon be lining the windows.

The holiday shopping season is officially upon us and this year I have teamed with CORE shopping to help you find those perfect, hard to find gifts… And most importantly, reward you with gifts just for reading!

This week I will be giving away a set of tickets to ‘Twas the Night’, a major holiday shopping party taking place on November 30th in the CORE where Chantal Kreviasuk will be performing. And what would be better than a personal invite? How about a $50 gift card to spend that night too!

This week I decided to pay a special visit to Swarovski as I like things that sparkle and what I found there was an exclusive line only carried in the CORE;

The Men’s Collection.

A line including bracelets, cufflinks, and necklaces. Perfect for the guy who likes a bit of the bling without going overboard.

I love the Skull key ring ($150)

With something this beautiful, I can assure you your son or husband will never misplace their keys again.

Next I got to thinking, what would make the perfect gift for my favorite aunt?  Now I am not sure what was going on a few decades before I was born but it seems as if the stork was
dropping them off on doorsteps a little smaller. As someone who is 6’3 I have never found myself drowning in clothing, but what about for those 5’4 relatives?

The perfect mix of fashion and style over at Banana Republic, the store in the CORE is the only store in Calgary that offers the special ‘petite’ line.

So if your family members are able to play extras in the lollypop guild, this will be the perfect place for you to find that perfect item.

Lastly I turn my attention to all my gorgeous girlfriends, the ladies who love a bit of fierce glam in their lives, a pair of studded heels by Sam Edelman heels at Town Shoes. ($250-$285)

What I love about these heels is that from the front they say, “I’m a classy, sensible broad.” But from the back they say “Yeah, I’m kind of a big deal.” If you have these on, people are going to take notice! This particular CORE store also offers the largest selection of women’s heels.

With the perfect pair for everyone, people will taking notice!

I hope you had fun shopping with me this week, next week I will be out to find you the perfect stocking stuffers!

This week to win the pair of tickets to ‘Twas the Night’ and the $50 gift card all you need to do is tweet this phrase on twitter:

“I love shopping @COREshopping with @immrfabulous RT for chance to win 2 tickets and $50 to spend at #TwasTheNight ”

For those of you who don’t have Twitter, sign up now. I will also be giving away gift cards via Tweets throughout the night on November 30.

Winner will be notified Sunday.

Mr. Fab ta clause

Looking forward to reading your comments!