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Stepping up to the Halloween plate!

October 29, 2011

Last night I attended the Monster Ball over at Art Central as a judge and although I accepted bribes, it didn’t sway me from picking what I truly thought the best costume was… Mine.

So I am here to give you a few last-minute tips and some more costume ideas before you head out tonight.

Keep in mind, tonight I was able to turn water into wine so my views are VERY subjective!

#1 If you are going as Black or White Swan, ditch the costume, yours sucks, not to mention there will be 60 other swans of higher caliber then yours!

#2 If you are going as a “sexy” whatever, I want way more skin, maybe even a peek at the ‘whoo ha’

#4 Know when you have turned enough water into wine

#E Plan something original!

Besides my costume tonight, the most brilliant home-made costume award goes to my co-judge xoxojes.

The costume not only shows that this classy broad knows a good box of wine, but her outfit also acted as a personal bar… with glasses attached she was ready to get others primed… well until security found out what was going on and drained her reserve! Did they not know how hard she worked for her $8.99 swil!

Basically what I am getting at is that you need to buck up buttercup and come up with something that will get noticed!

Have fun and remember where you parked in the morning!

Mr. Fab oween

Looking forward to reading your comments!