Tasty Tuesday (IHOP)

October 25, 2011

What I have realized from websites I search is that I love looking at pictures of food.

Upon this realization I decided others must too, thus I have decided to share weekly with you all the delicious choices I have been making in a regular feature I’ll call Tasty

This week I was in the USA where small portions are an urban legend. Americans don’t mess around with their food and as such, are my kind of people.

My favorite meal of the day, Breakfast!

IHOP know good eatin!

This is the ‘Big Steak Omelette’. Packed full of cheese and tender meat this omelette is more than it appears. They have kicked it up a notch and added pancake batter to the omelette base to make it bigger, fluffier and more delicious!

Add in a stack of flap jacks with 4 syrup choices and you’ll be doing the ‘Buttery Pecan’ waddle right out of there like I did.

Thanks for not messing around IHOP, you know your breakfast!

Mr. Fab luberry pancakes

  1. There is now an IHOP in Edmonton if you ever drop by.

    IHOP Restaurant
    3921 Calgary Trail NW · Edmonton
    (780) 462-9597

  2. Next they’ll be deep frying that omelette…ooh I’m onto something here. Pancake batter, deepfried, add a little glaze and it looks like something found at the Calgary Stampede right next to donut burgers and hot beef sundaes. Mmmm nom nom nom

Looking forward to reading your comments!