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Model Monday

October 17, 2011

I have had numerous emails from people who have told me how much they loved the photo shoot I did where I had a leaf blower shot in my face from 3 inches away.

Apparently when I look really bad, people can’t get enough.

So I have decided to give you more of what you wanted;

What you have to know is that looking back on this, I’m not sure if I ever considered the danger of this shoot, I’m sure if you talked to an optomitrist he’d tell you that when your eyelids flip back and get stuck dried open, that it’s not a good thing.

But when all you’ve ever wanted to do from the time you were born is model, you don’t really think through all the finer details.

And because I have worked with this fantastic team before I know that they always have my safety in mind. Though it didn’t stop them from doubling over in pain from laughter.

But at the end of the day, regardless of the results, I had a great time as always. I love working with Corbis, they have always treated me very well!

Mr. Fab lown away

Looking forward to reading your comments!