Search Me Saturdays

Search Me Saturdays

October 15, 2011

There are a lot of people who are playing roulette with Google only to be re-directed to my site.

Here are some of the most odd searches that brought people here this week. I hope I can be of some service to you!

#1 what to wear to be ke$ha

Now this look can be tough if you have any money or common sense, but if you end up on a bender, lose half your clothes and wake up in the door way of a McDonald’s you’d be off to a good start.

#2 chola clown

Much like the first look, make-up exaggeration is the way to go, make sure to add the biggest hoop earings you can find and you are ready for some 718 action.

#3 chip and pepper on twitter

I was just a small town boy dreaming of the day when I too would own my very first piece of Chip & Pepper. A purple and  black tye died sweater, possible uglier than the MEE pants which made their debut at the same time.

But I was so so proud… As for being on Twitter? Of course they are!

#4 greasy pole competition

Normally I win these kind of competitions, This time I didn’t limber up enough and my crown was taken by Vannessa.

I think she powdered her hands to get a better grasp…

See you all next week for the wonderful world of Google searches.

Mr. Fab oogle

Looking forward to reading your comments!