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6 pounds to go

October 13, 2011

In order for me to keep my money in my pocket I had to take a day off eating. Sure it’s not the right thing to do, but then again neither is shoving cake down your throat at 2am.

Here are some other things that I ate this week that didn’t help out my waist line;

Swedish Berries

 And not even the brand name ones at that, nope I was slumming it and went for the generic 99 cent bag.

French Fries and Garlic Aoli

Now these were warm at best and kinda soft, but that sure didn’t stop me!

So what has this tought me?…Not much! This week I will be heading to Orlando to become a Dolphin Trainer for the day, maybe a full shot of me in a wetsuit will do the trick!

Here are my stats this week;

09/13 target 2 lbs Actual loss to date 5 lbs

09/22 target 4 lbs  Actual loss to date 6 lbs

09/29 target 6 lbs Actual loss to date 8 lbs

10/04 target 8 lbs Actual loss to date 8 lbs

10/13 target 10 lbs Actual loss to date 10 lbs

10/20 target 12 lbs

10/25 target 14 lbs

11/01 target 16 lbs

Mr. Fab ruggling

Looking forward to reading your comments!