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What to Wear Wednesday (Stuffed)

October 12, 2011

I love photos as they capture a moment in time so as the older you get you can look back and remember what you once had. Then it hit me… why have a picture when I can be duplicated!?

Enter the creative artists over at I Am A Stuffed Animal

You send them your photos and tell them how you want to be dressed and Voila! One day there is a package at your door and as you open the box you see a little you staring back at you. I have to admit it actually left me speechless and in shock.

Here is the photo I sent them;

I then told them what I wanted my little guy to wear; a low swooping v-neck just like the photo and a pair of blue boxer briefs. I couldn’t have even imagined what to expect.

They hit a total home run, details like my crazy left eyebrow and my large forehead were included and I can tell my buddy is “Smizing

This is the most thoughtful and personal gift you will ever give somebody. If I hadn’t had done this for myself and somebody had surprised me with it, I would never forget it!

The lil’ is bigger than you expect, at 14 inches tall and 11 inches wide he will cost you a mere $69.

But as readers of Mr Fabulous, until tonight at Midnight EST, they will offer you $10 off your purchase. Just use the code MTH10.

Trust me this will be the greatest purchase you will ever make!

Mr. Fab uffed

Looking forward to reading your comments!