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Canadian Beauty with Bonus

October 6, 2011

Last night not only was I so lucky to have another fabulous blogger brought into my life, Henna, but after spending some quality shopping time with me she sprung an invite on me…

An invite to West, who is a part of the Concord group, to try several of their restaurants new seasonal menus items. I squealed with delight as I had forgotten my Spanx at home… nothing was holding my tummy back and I was ready to get my eat on.

Here were a few things I tried; (sans the technical names)

From West, a homemade cracker, much like the Rainforest Crisps, with Tuna Tartar.

Then I moved over to Double Zero Pizza, as if I hadn’t eaten enough at the CIFF party 4 days prior.

But seriously if you have ever tried their pizza, you’d know why I couldn’t say no!

Then a sample of a Mushroom Taco and  a Prosciutto Wrapped Prawn from the ‘Locals‘ Around Calgary

These items are perfect for my gluten-free friends, the taco was corn and all the ingredients are a celiac’s dream.

Then my favorite item of the night, the Meatball and Lamb Lollipop!

This came from Flames Central, not a place I ever imagined hanging out, but when the foods good the foods good! Their meatball brings all the boys to the yard!

A really nice evening with a really great person.

Mr. Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!