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What to Wear Wednesday (Heels)

October 5, 2011

First off ladies, I have a real bone to pick with you! What in the world is all the belly aching about? Why is it that after you take approximately 4 and a half steps in heels I’m subjected to a night of hearing you complain?

Now all I know is my Spanx are uncomfortable but you don’t hear me whining all night long. This is fashion, it’s not always suppose to be comfortable.

This week, for the ladies who can handle it, I am showing you 2 heels that I am in love with. Ones that will have gay men buying you drinks all night long and unlike a normal night at the bar, you wont have to put out.

First off is a studded heel

What I love about these is that from the front it says, “I’m a classy and sensible broad”, but from the back it says “Yah, I’m kind of a big deal”. If you have these on, people are going to take quiet notice.

Now on to the not so ‘quiet notice’, for the girl who really wants all the attention on the shoe;

A heel by Alexander McQueen. Trust me, you could wear a paper bag dress with these and no one would even care. These shoes tell the world that you don’t mess around with fashion, you’ve went right to the top and you ain’t playing.

So for my stylish ladies who can rock a heel with out bustin tears, I salute you! You are my heroes. And for the rest of you cry babies… here’s what you get….

Sick, you might as well be wearing Crocs.

Mr. Fab heels

Looking forward to reading your comments!