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Tasty Tuesday (Weight Loss)

October 4, 2011

I have received several emails from readers who noticed I didn’t post the weight loss challenge results last week. Trust me I am not trying to hide from you, although I did hide in the bathroom and eat a chocolate bar.

The big question is, should I be coughing up the big money?

No I actually exceeded my goal. But this week, things got tough, no weight loss at all. What could have been the cause? My best guess is the entire pizza I ate and the 2 bottles of champagne I drank at a weekend event.

I’m telling you, it would be in your best interest to check back next week.. I am more than certain I will be paying out! Remember the first 2 people to comment on the post when I don’t meet my goal will get $20 cash and for next week only, to up the ante… I will also pay the first 2 people who tweet me if I fail. That’s $80 clams outta my pocket.

09/13 target 2 lbs Actual loss to date 5 lbs

09/22 target 4 lbs  Actual loss to date 6 lbs

09/29 target 6 lbs Actual loss to date 8 lbs

10/04 target 8 lbs Actual loss to date 8 lbs

10/11 target 10 lbs

10/18 target 12 lbs

10/25 target 14 lbs

11/01 target 16 lbs

I am going to have to shake my money-maker this week in order to save my moolah!

Mr. Fab on the run


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