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Search Me Sundays (Mr Fabulous)

October 2, 2011

I was laying in bed thinking about how people Google search potential partners before comitting to the first date… After all, ain’t nobody want to get stuck with some nutto over wine and cheese.

This got me to thinking, what would happen if someone searched Mr Fabulous? More importantly, would they find my hidden sex tape? Has the paparazzi been taking any secret shots of me? Well here is what I found:

First off, here is a gift I am obviously still waiting to receive.

Gosh that’s ugly, I can only hope it will be smashed in transit.

Next up we have something battling me in the cute department;

On this one I will throw in my hat, if we are going on a blind date, I can assure you I am not this cute!

Soon it will be November or as us guys like to call it, ‘Movember’. In support for prostate cancer awareness I will be growing a moustache. This may confuse people as the term ‘Fab Moustache’ has been taken by him;

This I can assure you is not me. Mine does not grow in quite as nice, so I will leave the title of ‘Fab Mustache’ to him.

Basically what I am getting at here is there are a lot of crazy Mr. Fabulous’s out there. The good news is, if I am ever in trouble, I have a lot of Mr.Fab’s to pin things on!

Mr. Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!