Wurst is the Best for Oktoberfest!

October 1, 2011

There are good companies, good owners, good product and a good vibe… But rarely, if ever can you find them all in the same place. But I have;

WURST restaurant and beer hall.

I have written about Wurst before, they have invited me over a few times and I can tell you they are, by far, my favorite hosts! This week I was invited to partake in some of the great festivities which will be taking place during Oktoberfest  (until October 16th)

First up, a way to win $500 cash money, a ‘Stein Holding Contest’. Now this activity will be happening at Wurst every night at 10pm where they will be qualifying people for the finals and your chance to win the big prize. The contest is easy… take a giant Stein full of liquid and hold it in one hand with your arm stretched straight out in front of you, elbows locked. The last person to bend their elbow is the winner. Sounds easy? Within 45 seconds my arm gave out and I was shamed into last place.

The competition will have two heats, one for men and one for the ladies. At first I thought I should have worn a wig, that being said my group was mixed and I was whipped by all of the girls.

During the 2 weeks of festivities there will be plenty of opportunity to redeem my pride, Wurst will also host several Bratwurst Eating Contests for me to show those ladies who really wears the lederhosen!

Now if you’re less feisty than me and you just want to enjoy the whole Oktoberfest feeling, head down between 12-2 and 9-11pm for one of their billions of beers and live Oompa band. To make it a perfect night, top things off with my favorite food in all of Calgary;

The Stuffed Chicken Wing, a de-boned chicken wing stuffed with sausage and breaded in pretzel! Delicious!

Happy Oktoberfest!

Mr. Fab erhosen

Looking forward to reading your comments!