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Meet me at the Ice Cream Truck (Cazwell Contest)

September 30, 2011

This weekend is the host to some of the best events of the year and with only 1 of me, how is a boy to choose…

I am calling for back up and would like to send a few readers out on my behalf!

All you need to do is post a comment at the bottom and a random pair of tickets will be awarded!

So what will you be going to?

How about a little dance party with;


Thanks to the brilliance of Spectrum Social Concepts and Pure Pride Entertainment, Calgary’s Club Sapien will be the place to be when Cazwell hits the stage tomorrow night.

Cazwell was first brought to my attention by a good friend of mine, Lamiley, a girl who knows whats hot when she sees it. The song; I Seen Beyoncé at Burger King

At first I didn’t know how this kind of talent had escaped me for so long and after the first listen I was hooked. On a recent trip to LA, I requested this song to be played and people went nuts!

Cazwell, who is from NYC, has a ‘ridiculously fun mix of electrified dance music and old school hip hop—is the perfect example of the new spirit of pop.’ It’s just so different!

So if you want to go see him live and in honor of my favorite song ‘Ice Cream Truck’ Just comment below telling me what your favorite ice cream flavor is and I will do a random draw Saturday morning and you will be added to the guest list for that night.

Show will be at Club Sapien  9pm Saturday October 1st.

Good luck and see you there.

Mr. Fab truck

  1. I absolutely LOVE – baskin & robins “Gold Medal Ribbon” but I also LOVE – Haggen Daas’ “Cookie Dough” and ben & jerry’s “Karamel Sutra”

  2. I seen Flavor Flav at the Red Lobster. Although he was out front begging for cheese biscuits.
    I like any ice cream but Tiger Tiger.

Looking forward to reading your comments!