Tasty Tuesday (Nesquik Rellenos)

September 27, 2011

This week while in Cancun I developed a sinus cold, so I made a trip over to the Farmacia to buy some medication. Inside a lady wearing a lab coat tried to assist me. She spoke no English and I spoke no Spanish so I opted out of the mystery medication and head over to the grocery store to find some delicious eats.

Ever since the Mojito and Cheesburger potato chips in Spain, I have been curious to find what else Canada has been keeping from me. And as always, there I saw it… more sugar filled cereal lined their store shelves then did ours.

Now I have no idea was a ‘Rellenos’ are and for all I know I may be shovelling down flavoured rat poison with milk, but these little suckers are AMAZING.

Imagine taking Coco Pebbles, flattening them out and filling them with vanilla icing. Its like eating crispy brownies dipped in Duncan Hines. I was no longer alone sick in my hotel room… instead I was joined by hundreds of mini friends.

Mr. Fab español

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