Catch re-invented

September 24, 2011

On Thursday night I was sort of ‘self invited’ to an exclusive event to experience the newly renovated Catch & the Oyster Bar in Calgary.

I had been to Catch a year ago for drinks with my girls and thought it a bit, ummm, lets say ‘rustic’, not my personal taste in decor. But I wasn’t there for looks, I was there for cocktails and they didn’t fail me there.

Now lets talk about what I saw Thursday which included the king pin of the blogging world, Mike.

Catch 10.0, a place were I wanted to take off my coat and stay a while. The upstairs has been given a major overhaul and the paint was literally still drying when we were invited upstairs to sample an 8 coarse meal. The atmosphere was cozy and warm, the kind of place you want to be after a long hectic day.

Sadly I was not able to stay as I was committed to the CIFF red carpet gala, but I was lucky enough to enjoy some bubbles and my first taste of oysters during the cocktail hour.

During that time I fell in love with the staff, their knowledge and passion for what they are serving was exceptional. Instead of sluffing me an oyster they made my first experience enjoyable and informed. From the in-house hot sauce and horse-radish, the kitchen really has invented a way for everyone to find their perfect taste.

Thanks Catch for the delicious eats and for not kicking me to the curb.

I will be back!

Mr. Fab in a shell

Looking forward to reading your comments!