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Weight Loss Challange

September 22, 2011

With the red carpet rolling out for CIFF tonight it’s time to check in on how my healthy eating has been going for the week.

You know the deal, if I don’t hit my goals per week, the first 2 people to comment on the post will be rewarded with cold hard cash.

This week has been a real struggle for me, the nachos in Cancun certainly wern’t on the list of healthy eating as where the excessive glasses of bubbles at the ESPY opening. I am  bound to paying out soon!

Here are my weekly results, and remember I have to lose and keep it off!

Current target to lose 16 lbs

09/13 target 2 lbs Actual loss to date 5 lbs

09/22 target 4 lbs  Actual loss to date 6 lbs

09/29 target 6 lbs

10/04 target 8 lbs

10/11 target 10 lbs

10/18 target 12 lbs

10/25 target 14 lbs

11/01 target 16 lbs

My guess is that after the popcorn, food trucks and Moet that comes with CIFF events this week, that my wallet is going to be the only thing looking thin next week!

Mr. Fab acho’s and beer

Looking forward to reading your comments!