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What to Wear (Jeremy Scott)

September 20, 2011

Dear Jeremy Scott,

Remember that time when I fell in love with you? You know, the day when I first discovered who you were while I was window shopping. It was a brisk fall day on Granville street in Vancouver when I walked past the Adidas flagship store and there in the window an angel appeared.

I squealed with delight and ran inside to see what other fashion delights awaited me. Inside the store was littered with unique out of the box fashion finds.

Then just when I thought your crazy flair couldn’t get any crazier, you amazed me with your Spring 2012 collection.

I think growing up in the 80’s has made me fall for all things 90210, poorly sponge painted and anything faded or acid washed with nonsensical zippers.

At first I though this look wasn’t for me until I saw you take your bow at the end of the show… now I know what to do with it.

So I say to you… keep the good stuff coming!

Mr .Fab scott

Looking forward to reading your comments!