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Model Monday (ESPY)

September 19, 2011

A few months back I was contacted by a fellow model and stylist Odessa who works with the team at ESPY. The old store was moving to a new location and they needed some models for their new in-store and web marketing.

Now I have done a lot of great shoots in the past but never one for fashion so I checked out the work of the photographer, Stuart Robinson and jumped at the opportunity.

Next, horror set in when I was asked to come in for a jean fitting. On every other shoot I was used to ill fitting clothes being clipped, cropped, or touched up in final edit; the clothes have never been the focus, so it was all very unimportant. This being a clothing retailer, the fit was going to be very important and my body is not an easy one to dress.

After 3 days of fasting I was in the old location and being given the once over by a stylist. Hiding in a fitting room, denim started furiously flying over the top of the door. With a sigh I was ready to squeeze my killer thighs into the jeans and show them what they were getting into.

To my shock, jean after jean, I was strutting out feeling pretty confident. Espy and their stylists are known as the ‘jean experts’ and for good reason. I was looking bootylicious

Six bazillion jeans later they had picked their favourites and after trying on a few tops for size I was on my way home.

A week later it was time to shoot. We arrived at the unfinished store location and one of the largest teams of stylists, hair, make-up artists and production staff wipped us all into a frenzie of fashion models.

The photographer knew what he wanted and how to get it, it was the most efficient, quickest moving set I had been on. Very few shots where taken but the end result was perfect.

I have not included my ‘crotch shot’ in this post, I decided to leave you something additional to discover while you’re shopping.

Thanks to the entire team at Espy, I was very lucky to work with your amazing team!

Mr. Fab uper model

Looking forward to reading your comments!