What to Wear Wednesdays

What to Wear Wednesday (NRT Fashion)

September 14, 2011

Any guy reading this knows that our fashion has been way over looked. With women’s apparel always on the change, keeping up with fashion trends or creating an original look is fairly easy. But for us males, the standard polo shirt just changes colors with the season and rears its ugly head over and over again.

Enter the fashion brain child of NRT Fashions, Nicole Rita Tomney. This designer is not going to stand for bland any longer. Living in Calgary, AB, Tomney, in my mind, has far exceeded some of the worlds best and biggest designers with her original concepts.

She won’t just settle at average; recently shown in Alberta Fashion Week and at Fabrication, she has shown me mens fashion can be something unique and amazing! Take the Harem Pant from her recent collection;

In love from the front, (for obvious reasons), the model takes a turn and I literally scream out loud. Embarrassing yes, but worth every bit worth my damaged vocal cords.

This second piece that I want to take on a date, get liquored up and see if it will come home with me is this amazing Tweed Sweater.

Ain’t nobody going to go cold at night with this beauty wrapped around them.

The entire collection reminds me of something I would see on the runway for Alexander McQueen or Mugler. The whole lot screams high fashion and decadence!

I haven’t been this excited about men’s fashion since the color pink became a staple. Thanks to NRT for pushing the envelope, You are pure couture deliciousness.

And for the greedy ladies, don’t worry she has you covered in fabulous too…

Mr. Fab

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