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The $20 giveaway

September 13, 2011

It’s big bucks Tuesday, time to see if I will be paying out this week!

As you know I have packed on the party weight and now I need to fit up. If I don’t make my weekly goals the first two readers to make a comment will be mailed $20 each.

So lets see whats shaking…or whats no longer.

Here is the chart I will be using each week;

Current target to lose 16 lbs

09/13 target 2 lbs Actual loss to date 5 lbs

09/20 target 4 lbs

09/27 target 6 lbs

10/04 target 8 lbs

10/11 target 10 lbs

10/18 target 12 lbs

10/25 target 14 lbs

11/01 target 16 lbs

Looks like you’re outta luck this week… but trust me things get harder as I go!

Mr. Fab 5

Looking forward to reading your comments!