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Model Monday (hand job)

September 12, 2011

It’s not just my face that gets me work, my hands have also grabbed a fair share of bookings as well. 5 hand jobs to date!

(insert laughter)

And as ridiculous as it sounds, it is actually much more difficult to pose a hand then it is an entire body.

In this campaign I was asked to squeeze a lemon for the Calgary Farmers Market Winter campaign. (shot by Ken Woo)

Imagine standing on a ladder, stretching your arm over top a back drop and in front of a white screen bending your arm a way that shouldn’t be bent. Take a lemon and grease it up with glycerin, so it looks fresh and juicy. Grab the slippery lemon but don’t squeeze it… and you better not drop it!

After 1 hour your hand has turned into a permanent claw, your whole body is sweating and you can no longer feel your arm.

But the end result is perfection and worth the misery.

This is the life of a sexy hand model!

Mr. Fab paws.