Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (George Stroumboulopoulos)

September 9, 2011

A couple years ago, my BFF Angie and I went to Toronto for her birthday. We did Toronto up good; I even took Angie to a sports bar for her birthday cake. We were out for a walk on our last afternoon there, and we walked by the CBC… Angie casually coaxed me inside and straight up to the last minute ticket booth for George Stroumboulopoulos’ old show: The Hour. We were in luck, they had 2 spots left. This was when Angie revealed her secret love of George.

The show was actually very interesting, George talked before the show to the audience, and the guests were wrestler Chris Jericho and some other guy.

During the show we felt like he was repeatedly looking over at us… I though I was going crazy.

After the show he was talking to all the loitering people. As we were gather our things, he looked over and said “I’ll be right there.” We proceeded to talk for a while and amongst other things, Angie and George discussed their astrological signs (He’s a Leo like me, and Angie is a Scorpio).

My trip to Toronto taught me several things; Sports Bars make a good cake, Scorpios are weird.

Mr. Fab oulopoulos