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Midnight Croquet Society (Hendricks)

September 8, 2011

In case you’re not aware, Mr. Fab is always for hire. Think of a really nutty job and wonder ‘who could we get to do that’ and then call me.

Recently I was contracted by one of my favorite companies Hendricks Gin

The idea… I would host the ‘Midnight Croquet Society’

Myself and my esteemed society members would tour to local bars and set up a riveting game of croquet for the patrons. After a fair match, free from blasphemy, I would induct them into the Midnight Croquet Society.

Now as Hendricks is all about the Absurd, the insanity didn’t end there. We would be wearing period piece costumes and speak in a royal British accent. “Afterall the society had been started by my granddaddy”

The game was simple, all you had to do was smack around my balls with your wood… (mallet you sicko), and should you meet my high standards I would buy you a gin drink of your liking.

The more games you play with us, the more delicious bevys you were rewarded with. And then the battle would really heat up!

Quite frankly this was one of the best for-hires I have ever been a part of. The campaign was ingenious, the patrons had a blast and the unique branding of Hendricks was passed along.

Sadly after our first activation in Edmonton the program was scrapped.

Gone but never forgotten was the most fun I have ever had at work! Thanks for the fabulous gig.

Mr Fab ricks

Looking forward to reading your comments!