Sweet Sweet 16

September 6, 2011

Being Mr. Fab isn’t always as glamorous as it seems. The great parties, openings, and events all come at a price and today when I stepped on the scale I found out what that price was.

Now I should have been able to figure it out; after all, my pants were starting to cut into me like I was a tied honey ham, and my Spanx no longer had the ‘spring back’ they once had.

Now being a very calculated person who needs motivation and strives on competition, I have decided put some money on the line for you to win.

My goal over the next 8 weeks is to loose 16 lbs which I will be doing safely through diet and exercise. The plan is to take off 2 lbs per week.

Now here’s where you can profit off my failure.

If I do not lose and keep of the weight each week when I report to you. The first 2 people to notice and comment on my post will be sent $20 cash.

Here is the chart I will be using each week;

Current target to loose 16 lbs

09/13 target 2 lbs

09/20 target 4 lbs

09/27 target 6 lbs

10/04 target 8 lbs

10/11 target 10 lbs

10/18 target 12 lbs

10/25 target 14 lbs

11/01 target 16 lbs

I will post the current total weight I am down beside the total every week and again if that # is lower than the target, all you have to do is be on of the first 2 people to comment and I will send you $20.

Sorry Jelly Modern, I wont be seeing you for a while.

Mr. Fab weet 16

  1. You should come to Bikram Hot yoga with me in Marda Loop! It’s a crazy good work out and you will sweat so much you will at least lose water weight!! let me know if you wanna join!

Looking forward to reading your comments!