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Sexy Sunday Pride Fashion

September 4, 2011

In a few hours the Pride Parade will be prancing its way through downtown Calgary. The Parade starts at Noon. Here are the details.

This weekends pride was the host to some fabulous parties and some fabulous looks.

First off we had Miami Heat, a party which I was asked to help write the dress code for.

The weather had taken a dip and I had to modify what I wanted to wear to keep a bit warmer.

Light and bright colors with a beach flare was the flavor of the night. I was surrounded by good-looking people who had really stepped up to the plate

Here was one of the best looks I spotted that night;

While he was serving up urban Miami trends, I couldn’t help but fall for his friend who brought a little Jersey Shore with her ‘Dina’ look… (minus the trash and chub)

Then last night I was invited to the Pure Pride party at Flames Central and thanks to D.W Fashion, I had a great custom-made top to wear… unfortunately I took a pair of scissors to it to spice things up and things got ugly!

Now this party was a little different, there was a lot of skin so I was a bit distracted looking for fashion standouts.

But through a sea of skin, this dazzler came shining through;

This shirt screamed Gaga meets McQueen, by far it was the hottest look at the party!

But what to do when you’re not so good with a glue gun and glitter (or scissors in my case?) I’ve always said; “rock the tiny hat” and that’s exactly what this little hottie did while her friend pulled off a bit of the seaman look! (on the bottom, evening gowns and prom dresses)

I have to tell you that this years Pride events in Calgary were a huge HIT. I don’t know where all the good-looking people have been hiding but I can assure you that they have finally come out of the closet and in my fair assessment Calgary has the best looking Gays in Canada.

Mr. Fab and proud